Topic: The Animal Resort Is Singapore's Own 'Kampung Zoo' And It.

If you love birds, this is the place for you. The Fowl Resort would be a better suited name - The Animal Resort is a bird sanctuary, with 11 different types of birds for you to see, including exotic birds like the Marabou Stork and the Cassowary.

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Censorship | Online Internet Censorship News | The tattoo making China angry. A HUGELY popular children’s cartoon character has taken on a new life in China, but the country’s strict censorship machine isn’t happy about it.

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German men are 'world's worst lovers' with English men in. A poll of 15,000 women found that Germans are considered 'too smelly'. English lovers came second because they are so lazy, while men from Sweden were branded 'too quick to finish' and came third.

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Candi of Indonesia - Wikipedia A candi (pronounced ) is a Hindu or Buddhist temple in Indonesia, mostly built during the Zaman Hindu-Buddha or 'Indianized period', between the 4th and 15th centuries.. The Great Dictionary of the Indonesian Language of the Language Center defines a candi as an ancient stone building used for worship, or for storing the ashes of cremated Hindu or Buddhist kings and priests.

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